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and market

We perform systematic analysis of the crypto market, revealing non-trivial connections between its segments and global trends of further development.


By employing mathematical statistics and data science, we examine how current dynamics of the main crypto currencies reflects upon ICO success, how progress in project development affects the price of project’s tokens, with what lag the crypto market becomes aware of new technological trends.

Our key product is a system of indices of crypto market segments, which captures structural changes in the market from a technological perspective and allows to track the key trends of blockchain infrastructure development.

The blockchain industry is rapidly developing: in the pursuit of scalability and interoperability basic protocols are constantly improving, and every month a bunch of new projects appears on the market, each promising to become the “Ethereum killer”.


The base layer of the protocols segment is gradually becoming overgrown by middleware and tools of development & data analysis. Before blockchain apps can reach their test versions, new concepts, more complex and sophisticated, already emerge on the market. We track the majority of new blockchain projects around the world, aggregating an integrated map of the industry, highlighting its key segments, trends of active technology development and bottlenecks of the existing ecosystem.


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