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We create a perfect combination of technology, financial expertise and entrepreneurship to build companies eager to transform traditional finance
FinForge is a cryptolab that connects blockchain projects with smart crypto money.

We believe that blockchain technology will disrupt the current fintech landscape, improve infrastructure and change the way people and institutions interact. FinForge team historically emerged from academic crypto community with scientific background. Our mission is to transform the economy and social institutions.

Our core team, a group of early 2013 blockchain enthusiasts united to create FinForge on the way towards institutionalization. The time has come to develop the ecosystem.

Our vision

As the industry develops the next generation of blockchains creates infrastructure with scalability and UX good enough for decentralized technologies to finally become applicable in real economy.

The movement to ubiquitous application of decentralized technology in real economy inevitably encounters existing market players – corporations and institutions. They can both obstruct the changes or support them by driving further development of crypto economy.

Our main focus is transformation:
Deep-level analytics and partnership with blockchain infrastructure projects; Development of crypto communities around the world to usher them into the era of institutionalization.
Think out of the box, work with us